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ATA and Abrates member, TEFL/TESOL certified, Pro Certified translator, C2 proficient in English, writer, copywriter, teacher, proofreader, voice over artist, musician and audio producer with 26+ years of experience.

Andre is the author of an English teaching method based on neurolinguistics, recognized by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC) and used by some public schools in Brazil for many years.
He is also the author of the bestselling eBook "Becoming a Successful Translator", published and distributed by Editora Viseu and featured on Proz.




Revision: Slave Warrior and Victor, Vanquished, Son by Morgan Rice (The #1 best selling author and USA Today´s bestselling author of epic fantasy stories).


Glenn Hughes (ex-Deep Purple and Black Sabbath member), Souza Cruz, Omex Agrifluids, Rotary Club, YMCA, SWAT Los Angeles Police Department.


Google, Youtube, Amazon, Asana, Microsoft, National Geographic, Disney, Synergium, Zentiva, Ford Motor Company, Xiaomi, Somya, Acolad, QTrans, CCJK,, IEB Translation Services, Betaplan, GoDaddy, Mercado Livre, GTS, SDL Trados, Apple, Marriott Internacional, IEB Translation Services, Translation Back Office, Caterpillar, Uniplac, LG, Souza Cruz, SWAT Los Angeles Police Department, High Tech Passport, Ipsos, Rotary Club, Omex Agrifluids, AliExpress and Upwords, among many others.


- Linguistics, Uniplac

- Advanced English, Manchester, NH, USA
- Human Relations at Work | Wizard
- Sales and Marketing | Net Cable TV
- Voice Over for Video and Animation | LinkedIn
- Localization Essentials | Google
- Voice and Language Style | Google
- Editing and Proofreading Made Simple | LinkedIn
- Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection | LinkedIn
- Amara Training for Reviewers
- Amara Training for Translators
- Amara Training for SDL Translators | SDL Trados
- Reading ease and fluency | Google
- Capacitation Course for English Teaching | Cambridge University
- Certified Pro Certificate | Proz
- Website Localization | Udemy
- Mobile App Localization | Udemy
- Creative Writing | Udemy
- Marketing and Communications | IBMI, Berlin
- Marketing in the 21st Century | The Open University
- Language and Creativity | The Open University
- Efficient Leadership | LinkedIn
- Translation as a Career | The Open University
- Introduction to Psychology | The Open University
- Techniques for a Good Leadership and Teamwork | LinkedIn
- International Law | The Open University
- HTML | Udemy
- SEO and Content Marketing | Udemy

- Android App Development: Localization and Internationalization | Udemy

- Audio Production

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